14 September 2016

Heading to the Campertrailers National Meet at Ganmain NSW

Hi All
We have had a very few weeks with me attending several WEAVING workshops up on the Sunshine Coast.

  The basket that I completed just beforehand
  It is 22cm across, 11cm high on sides and 30cm high with handle

 Rosellas for light pink dye

 bark for a yellow/orange dye
 haemodorum coccineum (hot pink dye)

 the above seeds sorted for dyeing

 pulling out the bright pink dye

 Yellow/orange dye

 Women weaving

  what we were weaving

 Aunty Christine Nabobbob and Aunty Priscilla Badari from Gunbalanya (Oenpelli in NT)

 a Collage of the day at Ilkley Qld.

 Twined Mat weave from Sunday at Moroocy Bushland Botanic Gardens
 Coil and Loop container.  It took on the shape of the glass that I was using as a mold.

We have also just spent a great week with Beckie and the Grandchildren.  Whilst here we have had the car serviced and some minor works attended.
I had two great weeks with the Aunties at the Jajari Jimbaljin Women's group and look forward to meeting with them again in November.
We are heading off tomorrow towards Ganmain NSW for the Campertrailers National Meet before heading to Shepparton in Victoria for the Australian Caravan Club (ACC) National Muster.  It will be an interesting trip because there is quite a bit of flooding down that way at the moment.  I have downloaded several apps for the phone to try and keep up to date with road conditions for the trip.
We will then make our way back to Qld for Bradley's Graduation from Grade 12.  It has been a trying time for Brad as he bought himself a car (so he could be independent and not relying on his Mum) and then last week the car died as he went to work.  The mechanic says that there is something 'broken' in the engine but he has no idea what. [Very unhappy face for Brad].  He has 10 weeks left of High School and in the meantime he has to 'deadly-treadly' to and from his work.  [This is not pleasing him at all BUT his Mum can't help him out any other way].
He now has to save AGAIN to be able to get another car. 
Hoping to do a quick trip to Wagga on the way back to Qld and then back to Condobolin for Christmas.

25 August 2016

17th August 2016 uploaded 25th August :C

Well time has flown, yet again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is so hard to believe that two months have flown by since our last update.  I was having issues trying to get in last month but that has all been sorted .  My issue today is that we do not have great reception (even with the aerial up in the caravan) so will have to upload this (hopefully tomorrow) when we are in better reception.  I must admit that it still amazes me that there are some towns that have really crappy internet reception – with all the propaganda that we get told that the companies are supplying the best and fastest – only to find 2 coast-side towns with crap all service. 

Any way that has been my whinge for the day   I am sitting out the side of the van, under the awning enjoying the beautiful sunshine, cool breeze and looking at a house that is up for sale for a cool - $1,100,000.00!!!  Just a little over our budget but would have great views of the sea!  – now to let you know what we have been up to since our last update…….

We had been due to go to visit our friends Elaine and Rob in Temora on the 20th June BUT the weather on the day was shocking and the wind was blowing.  We contacted the police to see if there had been any reports of roads closed along our journey – none to report.  We contacted Elaine and Rob to find the rain had become torrential at their end and a road nearby had just been closed – so we decided to leave it until our return journey from Wagga the following week.

On the 22nd we managed to get some sunshine at 2pm – which only lasted about an hour – but it was lovely to see.
 sun trying to come through

I continued to go to the Weaving Together group at Condobolin and have met some very lovely people whilst we have been temporary residents.
24th June we headed to Wagga and passed through a weather front on the way.  More rain.  We could see where the road had had water over it in about 6 section before we even got to West Wyalong – so we wouldn’t have got through earlier in the week.

 We were here this weekend to join in with the joint birthday celebrations of brother-in-law Peter and his friend Jo.  What a great night we had at the ‘Thirsty Crow’ and the birthday cakes, made by niece Pauline, were divine.

 Jo and Peter

On Sunday 26th our niece Kayla, drove Jenny, Lyn and I out to the Lawn Cemetery and we sat and had a coffee with Mum, until the wind picked up and the sun disappeared and we felt the full brunt of the Maximum 4degree day :D

On the 27th we headed back to Condobolin going via Temora and seeing our friends Elaine and Rob.  What a great visit – and as usual – the time passed way too fast.  Next time we will have to organise to come and stay in their back yard for a few days so our visit doesn’t seem as rushed.
Managed to get most of the cleaning done on Tuesday (whilst it rained) for the travellers return tomorrow.  During our 6 ½ weeks caring for Wendy and Ian’s home in Condobolin we had 250ml of rain.  The place was very wet for their return from Europe on the 29th June.  We left Condobolin at 10am to be at the airport in plenty of time for their flight, and also to catch up with our friend Jenny.  We did this at the cafĂ© at the airport so we weren’t stressing about not being there when the travellers landed.  Their flight actually got in 15 minutes EARLY which was a bonus.  Once we collected their bags it was back to Condobolin – a 2 hour 15-minute drive.  Miss Rosey really loved the extra cuddles and snuggles that were given.
  Ian in his Lederhosen

Thursday I headed into town for my final weaving session with the ladies and we were joined by a group of student Physiotherapists – who had been doing a tour of the outer communities and joined us for some relaxation and learning basic weaving from the group.
Saturday 2 July we headed into Condobolin to do the compulsory voting – Well – Ian and Wendy did, Darryl and I had sent in our postal votes about 1 ½ weeks ago!!! :D  We then did a little shopping and everyone was wanting to catch up on Ian and Wendy’s Travels and then we went to a great exhibit called – Waste 2 Art at the community centre.  What great artistic minds some people have and are able to change WASTE into art works.  A wonderful exhibit and whilst we were there we met some friends at the Art Class and chatted to the ladies who were doing the crochet work.  Wonderful work indeed. Our last day in Condobolin was spent with fantastic company and then we had a great roast dinner to end our sojourn of caring for Wendy and Ian’s home.
On Sunday we headed into Wagga with the van in tow, as we had an appointment on Monday to get two new tyres for the car before heading south to Geelong in Victoria.
Tuesday we headed toward Melbourne, stopping for the day at Seymour – a day of changing weather and ending with pouring rain :C

Wednesday we arrived at Torquay going down through Bacchus Marsh and fog so thick you could barely see 100metres in front to come out at the bottom to an overcast but ‘sunny’ day.

 I contacted Bronwyn Razem (who I was to spend 4 days with learning weaving using local grasses) and she invited me to go with her tomorrow to the Melbourne Museum and learn how to make bush toys.  So Thursday morning Bronwyn and her grand-daughter Aliyah, collected me from the van park and into Melbourne we went.  We spent until 3pm showing adults and child alike, how to make toys using straw/hay and wool.  An exhaustive day considering I only learnt that morning :D

On Friday Darryl and I went and had Lunch with Bronwyn and then Darryl went back to the van.  Bronwyn and I couldn’t go ‘bush’ as had been planned due to someone burning out her motorhome, so we stayed in her unit and wove using raffia.  Saturday we went to the local Aboriginal Corporation Centre – Narana – and had a lovely lunch, before heading back to do more weaving.

Sunday we headed into Melbourne to Southbank and the ABC Radio studio – where Bronwyn was to be interview for the ‘Sunday Sesh’ and somehow I ended up being interviewed as well.  It was a very interesting experience.
Monday we headed to the ‘Saltwater Community Centre at Point Cook’ where we spent the day covering nylon rope with natural raffia, so that we could wrap it around a wooden frame to form a tree.  This tree will branch out and have leaves attached to it and a Gugaa (Goanna) climbing it.

Tuesday Darryl arrived to collect me at about 2pm and we headed back to the van.  Darryl stating that the AC in the van could not keep the heat up to the ARCTIC BLAST that was bashing the coast at that time.  When we got back to the van it was to find that he had all the top hatches open and the Windows in ensuite, kitchen and bedroom were opened about 20cm.  Once they were closed it was amazing how warm the van became.  [Silly bugger].
Thursday we met up with Darryl’s cousin Christine and her daughter Erin at Highton.  Another blustery cold day but at least the sun was trying REALLY hard to get through the clouds.  We enjoyed an hour and half walk along the river front as well.
Friday 15th we left Torquay at 10am and arrived back in Wagga at about 4.30pm.  Darryl has somehow kinked his back over the past couple of days and it is causing him some real grief.  So out comes the TENS machine and the Fisiocreme and rest.  It will be great to spend some more time with sisters Jenny and Lyn and their families.
Sunday I spent a couple of hours with my dear friend Gail, showing her what I had done over the past week and also sitting and yarning about life and what I want to get out of my weaving.  This was a wonderful time for me.
Monday we headed off to have our pathology needs attended for our Dr’s appointments once we get back to Qld.  We also visited cousins and met the new twins.
Thursday 21st we headed to Condobolin again, to collect my woven FISH and to see Ian again.  Wendy was on her way to Melbourne for her sister’s – Eva Stimson-Clark – exhibition of art in Fitzroy.

We left Condo on Sunday and headed north toward Queensland and arrived at Jimboomba on Tuesday 26th – just in time for BEN’s birthday.  Our BABY turned 34 – makes us feel really old :D.  We had a great evening with all the Grandchildren and Ben.
Wednesday night we met with friends Karyn and Peter for a nice dinner at the Park Ridge Hotel.  Was so good to catch up with them.

Thursday 28th July – WHOA!!!!
Today we had arranged to go and see our dear friend Sue Pockson at Brown’s Plains. All was going to plan UNTIL -----  I was ready and Darryl was cleaning his teeth so I thought I would go and start the car to warm it up.  We had had a 1-degree night and a heavy frost and the car was parked where it was in the shade so I thought it would be good to warm it up.  I went down three steps from the top lawn and the next thing I knew was that I was sprawled on the gravel with grazed palms, right knee and a left ankle that felt like I had done something truly serious to it. :C :C  I called out to Darryl as I could not stand and he came out and said “What the hell are you doing down there?” He managed to get me up and after a couple of minutes I was able to put weight on my ankle.  I got back up to the van and treated the grazes and could move the ankle – so off we went to meet Sue.
We had a lovely morning catching up and we also had Beckie and her friend Ev, join us.
Afterwards we went to the Plaza with Sue and as we were heading back to the car my left ankle REALLY started to pain.  So we called into the chemist and got a brace for it and put it on and continued on our way.  When we got back to Beckie’s though – I could barely put weight on it.  So inside and RICE was applied and swelling was becoming quite evident.
The next morning the swelling made my left ankle and calf look quite crooked.  So rested as much as possible as we were going out with Ben for a birthday dinner…

That night we headed out with me hobbling – dramatically – as it really had increased in pain.  We went to cousin Julie’s house at Belbowrie for a fun filled night with the family and she gave me some Arnica gel to massage into my ankle – which was done a few times during the night and the next morning it didn’t SEEM as painful.  Beckie and us two left the next afternoon (allowing Ben to party on with his Cousins) as we needed to get back to feed the pets.  We continued with the regular Arnica gel massages, elevation and wrapping.
Tuesday we had an appointment with the doctor and because most of the pain and some good bruising, was going up the out part of my leg, he thought that maybe I had given myself a spiral fracture of the Fibia :C.  So off to the local radiology for an x-ray to rule that out.  Finally, we got the word – NO fracture BUT the bruising was a concern.  So we continued with the Arnica gel massages and wrapping but now we were concentrating on the ankle and shin rather than ankle and foot.  I found a supplier in Australia for Arnica Gel and ordered some online along with some pilules to treat it from the inside…….

Thursday (a week after the twist) was a Sports day at the school for Gemma – so off we toddled with a chair and a leg support for me to watch but by lunch time it was time for me to go as the leg was throbbing and I needed to lie down :C.  Gemma did well in her events and then on Friday it was Max’s turn.  He came home with two thirds and a first.  Well done to both the Grandchildren.

Sunday I was booked into a ‘Twined Mat weaving’ day at the Botanical Gardens on Mount Coot-tha and I was so glad that Darryl agreed to drive me there and back.  Without his support it would have been impossible.  I had a wonderful day with about 20 other women and young girls learning this wonderful craft and using pandanus fibres dyed with natural dyes in Arnhem Land.  A big Thank You to Rene Bahloo for sharing her story with us at the gardens.

Tuesday Darryl drove me into Capalaba so that I could meet up with the Jajari Jimbaljin Women’s group and yarn and show them my weaving projects.  What a great day I had and it was so lovely to see the women again.  Tuesday was also CENSUS night – so Bradley came for Dinner and we filled in the census with us all there.  We had a lovely night with home-made Pizza’s for all and the company was great.
Wednesday we headed out again – this time we went south to Pottsville North Caravan Park.  We wanted to stay at Kingscliff BUT the first park with a vacancy was Pottsville north.  We had four wonderful nights there and Darryl managed to do some fishing and I completed my pandanus dilly bag.  I then started weaving a basket.

Sunday 14th we headed further south and arrived at Brooms Head for a couple of nights BUT this turned into 4 and we are heading northward again tomorrow.  Brooms Head is a lovely council run caravan park that goes right along the beach front and the beach is so lovely to walk along between the tides.  Firm compacted sand made for a good amble for my leg.
We are now 3 weeks post initial injury – the bruising has settled but the tenderness on the outer part of my leg can still take me unawares.  I KNOW!!!! It will be another few weeks before it is anywhere near 100%.  We have so much crammed into the calendar over the next few months BUT promise to take care of it :D

Take care everyone.

16 June 2016


15th June 2016
We have been having a great time here in Condobolin.
We have committed to travel to Tasmania on the Spirit of Tasmania on the 28th January and will return in late May or Early June.  So we have had days where we have been planning our route and things to see and do.
On 26th May Darryl and I went into Condobolin RSL Club for the launch of a documentary called “Little Towns, Big Voices” which is all about domestic violence in the rural and small town community BUT can be related to all places.  This documentary was made locally (and our niece Holly is in it at the beginning) and Peter Garrett MA is one of the main speakers.  This documentary is going to be reproduced and distributed to all schools with a workbook for the students.  Was a very thought provoking half hour documentary and those local people who tell their stories – are very brave people.  Meeting Peter Garrett was a pleasure and he is very proactive against Domestic Violence.

After the launch I was invited to join the local “Weaving Together” women the next day, and they said that they would help me complete my FISH with fins and eyes. 

  I was shown a lot of their work and have been invited back next week. :D  We then travelled to Wagga Wagga for the weekend – arriving at 6.30pm.  We had a great weekend meeting up with family and a great BBQ on Sunday.  Unfortunately I was having a wobbly day on Sunday and ended up in bed for 4 hours that afternoon with a terrible brain fog afterwards.
We travelled back to Condobolin on Monday and on Tuesday we found Ian’s lamb ‘Blondie’ not well in the paddock.  We got help from the research station and they gave ‘Blondie’ some calcium (as it seemed that he had an upset belly) and they came and gave him another dose before they went home.  Unfortunately he did not make it through the night L  We were in contact with Ian and Wendy and on his suggestion we asked the staff to move the other lamb ‘Two’ in with the other ewes and lambs so that she had company. They did this on the Thursday.
I had had another Meniere’s episode on Tuesday afternoon which continued to a full day on the Wednesday which was a complete wipe-out and ‘Rosey’ the dog kept me company and my balance didn’t get anywhere near normal until early Thursday.  I managed to get into Weaving and have been invited back to help the group weave sections for the ‘Gertie Gugaa (Goanna)’ that the ladies are making on Monday.

Saturday was a rainy day and I did some sewing and then did some more planning for the trip to Tasmania.  Sunday was a dry day but we then had misty rain on Monday and Tuesday
Monday I helped the ladies sew sections onto the frame of Gertie and then bought some panels home to weave for them.
Thursday was Miss Gemma’s Birthday.  She turned 10 years old.  And Nanna did a silly thing :D  We had got her birthday present in May and THOUGHT that we had left it in Beckie’s wardrobe – well Beckie couldn’t find it.  Low-and-behold it turned out to be in the caravan L So Nanna had to put it into an Express Bag and post it off.  [Luckily she received it on Monday]
  Lovely dress for the summer for Miss G

Our dear friends Jenny and Doug Peisley came to camp for the long weekend – arriving at 9pm (after Doug finished work at 5pm).  We had had small rain squalls on Friday so were hoping it would clear up a bit so that we could have a campfire on Saturday night.  Saturday dawned cloudy, windy and cool.  It was also our grandson BRADLEY’s 17th birthday, but he was working until midday at his apprenticeship.  So we rang him later that afternoon.   Darryl and Doug went fishing down at the creek and Jenny and I drove to Lake Cargelligo to attend the ‘Blue Waters’ Art and Craft Exhibition.  This was an hours drive and we enjoyed wandering looking at all the beautiful quilts and the art work. 

       this one has my Sister-in-law's (Wendy) painting of the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland in it.

 We then had a bit of trouble finding somewhere to have a nice cup of coffee – but finally found it in the ‘Fisho’s Bakery’.  We then drove back to Condobolin.  The men returned (as the wind was too cold) and they had caught two good size fish BUT one was a protected species and had to be returned to the water and the other was a carp.
We had a lovely campfire that night with Roast pork and veggies cooked in the camp oven and then Gluten Free Bread and Butter pudding.  Both great meals and being able to sit around the campfire with good friends.
  Roast cooking :D enjoying the ambience


Sunday we had a lazy day where we drove out to ‘Utes in the Paddock’ at Ootha where there are 20 Holden utes that have been painted and altered making them sculptures, with explanation signs for them.  Some of them are below

We then drove to Gumbend Lake at Condobolin which is a man-made lake and a free (donation welcome) camping area.  There is a walking track around the lake and also a path into the town if you wish to exercise.
Monday morning it was clear and sunny and Jenny and Doug left for home at about 12md. We then did the housework and then I did some more weaving on a basket using a stitch from North America and using some of the techniques that I have learnt whilst here.

  side view

  side and top

Tuesday was Darryl’s birthday and he had a lazy day just pottering around and then we went into town for dinner.  We wanted to have Thai – but it was closed on Tuesdays – so we then went to the Royal Hotel and he had a nice Mixed Grill for his birthday dinner. 
 Ready to tuck into his birthday dinner

 We then returned to the house and had cake and ice-cream for dessert.
Also on this day -----  Master Bradley was successful in getting his P Plates
  The shirt really does NOT do him justice - 
Wednesday – Yesterday – I did not had a good day.  Woke up ok but then when I went to get out of bed the world began to spin……..  Darryl gave me a bucket, my Meniere’s medications and I hung on to the cupboard to prevent being thrown out --- that is what it felt like at the time…..