08 December 2017

8June 2017 and onwards..

8 June onwards
We have had a very busy time over the past 6 months.
We have had several times where we have helped our friends by caretaking their small property at Groomsville out near Crows Nest in Qld.  This has been a very nice rural setting and still enabled us to visit the Grandchildren in Toowoomba. 

The family have just had to move rental homes as the owner of the one they were in, wanted to renovate and sell.  They are now in a slightly smaller home but it has a much better yard for the children and “Bob” the kelpie.  The cats are settling in.  We were really lucky as Ben was able to come up and helped with the loading of the heavy stuff onto the truck and after two loads the family were moved in.  Beck has been spending the last week, unpacking boxes and getting them settled in.  The new house is less than a kilometre from the other house and the children can still go to their current school.

Miss 11 (I am using the monikers that their Mum would prefer, as she says the children can make their own cyber imprint when they are old enough) Graduated from grade 6 this week and is off to High School in the New Year.  She has had a great year participating in the schools Indigenous Dance Group and performing on many important local occasions.  She hopes to be involved with the High School group also.
Master 9 did exceptionally well in the schools swimming carnival with achieving AGE Champion.  Bec said that considering he does NOT regularly swim, he did very well with breaking 4 of the school swim records.  He loves to play Soccer and participated in the inter-school competition held in term 3.
Master 4 has thoroughly enjoyed his time in Pre-school and has loved the Introduction to Prep in term 4.  He is getting excited about going to the same school as Master 9 next year.  All these young children are growing tall and will soon out-do Nanna.  Nothing new in those stakes.

Mister Bradley is doing his Bakery Apprenticeship through Woolworths and is awaiting the apprenticeship assessors to come out and do his on-site work assessment, so that he can move up to Second Year.  He is living with his Uncle Ben in Eagleby as it is closer to his work place.
Ben is still with Woolies and is at the Victoria Point store.  He and Brad have plans for travelling overseas in 2019.  Will let you know more details as this progresses.
Bec is continuing with her Teaching Degree and hopes to complete it at the end of 2019.  She loves doing the 'prac' component and gets very good reviews from her preceptors.

Darryl and I are continuing to travel in the van between caretaking bookings.  We really do love caring for this small acreage.  
We still haven’t decided on a FINAL place to reside – so until we find THAT special place, we will continue to do what we are doing.

I have just finished  two weeks of teaching year 6’ers some weaving.  The school has asked me to come back next year on a weekly basis to instruct some grade 4,5 and 6 students for the first half of the year.  We will decide about the rest of the year after that.
I also did a day instruction to the members of the Toowoomba Spinners, Weavers and Dyers group which was well received.  Some of the ladies would like me to go back next year.

Last week I informed people that I have started a Facebook ‘Shop’ for my weaving.  This was at a suggestion from Bec and many other people, so that I can sell my weaving instead of just hoarding it in the van. The Facebook page is:- Barb’s Weaving  with the hashtag @barbsweavingsite  as I photograph more items for sale I will post them. 

We are off to Port Macquarie in January to visit family and then on to Taree to visit Darryl’s family.  We will also stay with our great friend in Grafton before returning for some more Caretaking.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

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